FAQ'S About Psychological Testing

What kinds of tests will I have to take? 
The tests administered may vary depending on the person’s age and the testing referral question. Generally, the test battery is comprised of 
tests measuring your cognitive abilities and emotional and personality characteristics. Some of the tests are interactive with Dr. Levinsky in which she will ask you different 
questions, while other tests are questionnaires completed by you while Dr. Levinsky is in the room. Please note that for children, we ask that the parents are not present in the room as their presence may affect the child’s test performance. Dr. Levinsky may have the parents complete some questionnaires regarding their children’s behavior, and a schoolteacher may also need to complete a questionnaire. 

How long does it take and do I have to complete all the testing at one time? 
The average length of testing is approximately four hours including the clinical interview, but the amount of time varies depending on the individual and the tests that are administered. Testing can be completed in one session or divided up among multiple sessions depending on the individual’s preference. You are welcome to take breaks during the sessions as needed. Dr. Levinsky will complete the testing at your pace. Please keep in mind though that each test session is considered a separate office visit and may require a co-pay or coinsurance based on your benefit plan.

What if the results say that I am crazy? 
The test results will never say that an individual is “crazy!? Sometimes people are concerned that the tests will “get inside a person’s head.? This concern is a myth. The tests are not designed to trick you, but are designed to examine your attitudes, stressors, and perceptions of the world. Dr. Levinsky bases the test results on what you tell her and how you answer the test questions. The more honest and forthright you are, the more accurate and helpful the results will be. The diagnoses and recommendations that Dr. Levinsky provide in the test report are strictly based on the clinical interview and the test results. 

Will my insurance cover it? 
Preapproval is required for testing. Testing will not begin until we have received approval from the insurance provider. It is recommended that you check with your insurance company prior to the start of testing to inquire about copays and deductibles as psychological testing is considered to be a separate service from individual therapy or appointments with your psychiatrist. 

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