FAQ'S About Psychological Testing

What is psychological testing? 
Psychological testing is a comprehensive assessment of an individual comprised of a clinical interview and various psychological tests that reveal various cognitive and emotional characteristics of the person. The purpose of psychological testing is to gain more insight into how a person views his or her world as well as identify key stressors with which the individual is struggling. Results of the testing are helpful in identifying areas of focus during individual therapy.  

Who is eligible for testing? 
Children, adolescents, and adults can benefit from psychological testing. Children and adolescents tend to be referred for testing by their school, parents or pediatricians, especially if they seem to be having difficulties at school and/or at home. Adults tend to be referred by their treating therapist or psychiatrist if there are questions regarding their diagnosis. Adults may also receive requests for testing from their place of employment if serious issues occur that are impacting their work performance. Testing can also be mandated by the court system for various reasons.  

Who performs the testing at Nowell and Associates? 
Dr. Jill Levinsky, a licensed clinical psychologist, conducts the testing. Dr. Levinsky has performed psychological testing with people of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.  

What is the process? 
The testing process begins with a clinical interview that typically lasts one hour. (For children and adolescents who are getting tested, we ask that a parent or primary care provider is present for the interview as well). Following completion of the interview, you will schedule a block of time to complete a series of psychological tests. Once testing is completed, you will set an appointment for a feedback session. (The appointment is usually set three weeks after test completion). At the feedback appointment, you will receive a copy of your test report. The results, including diagnoses and recommendations, will be discussed during the feedback session. Please note a copy of your test report will also be placed in your chart for your therapist and/or psychiatrist to review.


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